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Netlinks n.v. is a dynamic Dutch Antilles company that offers her products and services to Curacao and region.
From the original discipline, Wireless Internet Technology, our services have expanded to include much more than just Wireless Internet.

The optimisation of the efficiency and effectiveness of company’s is an absolute must in this globalizing world.
It is in this context that the application of IT with practical total solutions, in which internet and data-communication
need to effortlessly connect with each other, has the most important role

The client is king!!!
A satisfied customer is the single most important driving force behind our comany.

Flexibility, enthousiasm, a strong team spirit and knowledge of the company make that Netlinks plays an
important role on Curacao. From standard solutions for smaller companies to integrated solutions from various
disciplines for larger companies with specific wishes.
Netlinks, Your professional Internet Service Provider in Curacao!